Why Varicose Veins Are Bad for You & Your Health

February 20, 2019 • Desert Vein Institute • Varicose Veins

Vein disease, including unsightly, bulging, discolored leg veins, can negatively affect your self-confidence and make your legs ache. Frankly, either of those issues is bad enough to make seeking treatment well worthwhile. Unfortunately, varicose veins are associated with more serious symptoms and health problems, if allowed to progress untreated. Since vein procedures, including laser vein treatment, are nearly pain-free, with little downtime, there is really no reason not to seek treatment. If you’re not yet convinced, here we’ll point out long term quality of life effects, along with emergency situations, which can stem from ignoring your vein health. 

VV Connected to DVT Emergency

Studies have shown an association between VV (varicose veins) and life-threatening DVT (deep vein thrombosis). DVT is a deep blood clot that can travel to the lung, resulting in a potentially deadly pulmonary embolism–if not given prompt emergency room treatment. The "association" between varicose vein problems and DVT (rather than a direct causal relationship) reflects the fact that vein disease typically occurs from a combination of factors, including controllable lifestyle habits and non-controllable issues, like family history. Any link, however, is reason enough to encourage early treatment of issues like varicosity, to reduce the likelihood of such dire consequences.

Varicose Veins Connected to Venous Insufficiency and Quality of Life Issues

The varicose vein problem has also been linked to slow-healing ankle ulcers. Ankle sores can result from CVI (chronic venous insufficiency) or PAD (peripheral artery disease). If you allow vascular problems to progress, untreated, you could miss out on many activities you now enjoy. It can be hard to get around when with a non-healing wound on your leg, and you may need mobility assistance from a wheelchair. You might go out to see friends less often, because getting around is difficult, and you may feel self-conscious going out in public.

In addition, patients and their doctors must be extremely vigilant to prevent infection or gangrene in a non-healing wound. Some patients with poor circulation and non-healing wounds may end up losing a limb. These are some of the reasons why it’s crucial to seek treatment for vein problems early before circulatory problems worsen.

This information is not to frighten you, but to encourage you to guard your vein health. Early treatment of less serious issues, like a varicose vein, with ClosureFast (or similar treatments), is very effective and minimally invasive. Be sure to seek treatment for any vein problem, so that a minor issue doesn’t end up having a serious effect on your future life.

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