VenaSeal vs Varithena for Varicose Veins

April 10, 2018 • Desert Vein Institute • Varicose Veins

VenaSeal and Varithena are two FDA-approved, methods of treating great saphenous vein (GSV) incompetence. GSV incompetence is malfunctioning of the longest vein in your body, the large vein that runs along each lower leg. Problems with this vein, such as reflux (blood backup due to leaking valves within the vein), can cause circulation problems, leg pain, and ugly, bulging varicose veins. Advanced laser vein treatment and other effective, state-of-the-art methods can banish these varicose vein issues and restore your vein health. 

Treatments for Leg Vein Reflux and Varicose Veins

Vein doctors have a variety of methods to treat and seal varicosity of the greater saphenous leg vein and surrounding veins, including the two non-laser vein treatment methods discussed here. After treatment with the best vein closure method, blood flows better. Blood then circulates around the problem area, using nearby healthy leg veins. Patients see improvement in the previously bulging, discolored appearance of the vein along with associated symptoms like leg pain and numbness. Most treatments require little to no recovery time and only a tiny bandage over injection sites. Compression stockings may be recommended and exercise limited for a short time after treatment.

Varithena Vein Treatment

The Varithena technique uses a chemical sclerosant to close abnormal veins, treat GSV incompetence and restore healthy circulation. Injected via a thin catheter, the chemical is a foam called PEM (polidocanol endovenous microfoam), which irritates the lining of the vein. This causes the vein to close and, once it is closed, the foam deactivates. The procedure corrects the varicose condition, and eventually the sealed vein is disposed of by the body. Blood then flows properly once again, using nearby competent (healthy) veins for improved circulation and leg appearance. Varithena is not recommended for those with blood clots or allergy to the foam.

VenaSeal for Vein Health in Las Vegas

The VenaSeal procedure closes malfunctioning varicose veins using an innovative and effective adhesive method. This treatment technique uses no irritating sclerosing chemical or heat to shut down the vein–and it does not require expanding the vein like tumescent vein treatments do. The advantage of VenaSeal is that it reduces the risk of damage to nearby nerves, provides greater comfort for the patient and may reduce bruising. (Tumescent anesthesia, used in other vein closure procedures for varicose vein treatment, can involve several needle sticks. This technique avoids the need for multiple skin penetrations.) 

If you have leg pain or other annoying symptoms—or if the appearance of varicose veins concerns you—get quick, accurate diagnosis at the Desert Vein Institute in Las Vegas. Our vein doctor will recommend the right treatment for you to maintain your vein health. After treatment, you’ll enjoy improved circulation and leg appearance, along with symptom relief. Contact Desert Vein Institute today.

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