Spider Veins: Ignore Them or Treat Them?

May 7, 2017 • Desert Vein Institute • Spider Veins

There is no treatment necessary for spider veins — unless their appearance annoys you. Since this is Las Vegas, where shorts are almost required for daily comfort, spider veins are bothersome to many local residents. If spider veins are preventing you from wearing whatever you want, and feeling great in it; that’s a valid and important reason to seek treatment. Spider veins are not “just a cosmetic problem” if they hold you back, or make you uncomfortable. Don’t let spider veins limit your life in any way, when spider veins treatment is quick and easy at your local vein clinic.

Not All Vein Problems Show on the Surface

Besides discomfort in summer clothing, there’s another excellent reason to visit your Las Vegas vein doctor: if you have spider veins, you could have other vein or circulatory problems developing. Other vein problems might not be visible on the surface, like spider veins are. Finding out about any other potential vein problems, early on, makes treatment and prevention more successful. Vascular exams are quick and completely non-invasive, and well worth your time. We can eliminate your annoying or unsightly spider veins.

Our Vein Treatments are Minimally Invasive

It’s easy to put off seeking vein treatment due to your busy schedule. Vein clinics, however, offer an excellent solution for today’s fast-paced lifestyles. With our focus solely on vein disease, we offer very efficient and quick appointments. We have all the expertise and advanced equipment required to evaluate your circulatory system and treat vein disease. What’s more, we use the latest proven-effective and minimally invasive vein treatments, which typically require little to no discomfort or downtime. Even when you’re busy, it’s easy to fit in a visit to the vein clinic. After your vein treatment, you’ll feel confident and relaxed no matter what you choose to wear. Investing in your vein health brings you valuable benefits now and over the long term, as you age. Vein health is crucial for whole-body wellness, since the blood vessels, (even tiny capillaries), all work to carry oxygen and essential nutrients to every part of your body. When you make time for vein health and necessary treatment, it’s not about just looking good, but also about improving your quality of life.

Get Expert Spider Vein Treatment in Las Vegas

If you have spider veins, don’t let them erode your confidence. Be proactive and see our vein doctor for an exam and screening for vein or circulatory problems. Call the Desert Vein Institute in Las Vegas for an exam. Contact us today.

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