Should I Sleep in Compression Stockings After Sclerotherapy?

October 7, 2018 • Desert Vein Institute • Varicose Veins

If you have recently had minimally invasive treatment for varicose veins, your Las Vegas vein doctor has likely prescribed a pair of compression socks or stockings to help you heal. Compression stockings help improve circulation, and are even used as a stand-alone and preventative treatment in mild cases of leg pain, ankle swelling or vein disease. In fact, many individuals who don’t yet have varicose veins, or associated symptoms, might benefit from compression stockings to preserve their vascular health and keep proper circulation flowing to and from the lower legs. So, how often should you wear them?

Doctor’s Schedule for Wearing Compression Socks

After Las Vegas vein treatment, you should wear the correct weight, pressure and length of stockings (or compression knee socks) recommended by your vein doctor. Many doctors recommend you wear compression socks constantly, except when bathing–so in that case, you would wear them while sleeping. For best results, don your stockings (or change to a fresh pair) as soon as you rise from bed. You may need to take a break from stockings for a couple hours daily to prevent skin irritation, but consult your doctor. With certain arterial health issues, or partially blocked arteries, your doctor may recommend against compression socks.

Use Only Prescribed and Correctly Fitted Compression Socks

If you have had a procedure, like laser vein treatment, it’s essential that you follow doctor’s orders for proper fitting, proper wear and quick recovery. However, some people use compression stockings proactively, on their own, especially if they are in a career that requires continual standing and walking. These individuals may be using non-prescription stockings, which are not quality controlled or precisely manufactured. (Compression stockings may also be used to maintain circulation in bedridden people.) Be sure you get your compression stockings (also called graduated compression hosiery) by prescription, from a Certified Fitter, to ensure they will do the job to preserve your vascular health.

If you buy compression socks online or at the mall, they may be compressions socks in name only. Some sock makers will use the term compression stockings in order to justify a higher price, without truly providing the quality and correct fitting required. When your vein doctor prescribes medically necessary compression socks, s/he will indicate an Hg (pressure) rating. This is key–so that you get the right amount of pressure for your condition and needs. Don’t waste money on so-called compression stockings–get a valid prescription at our vein clinic to ensure healthy blood circulation.

See Our Certified Compression Stocking Fitters in Las Vegas

At Desert Vein Institute, our board-certified doctors provide all types of vein care, using the most advanced, no-downtime procedures. Our office also fits compression stockings so that you get the perfect socks for your needs. We’re here to help you maintain your vein health for life. Contact Desert Vein Institute online today or call (702) 726-9709 now.

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