As a medical facility, our clinic follows protocols to ensure highest level of sanitation and patient safety.

For Our Patients

  • If you are feeling ill, have symptoms of sickness, were in contact with a COVID presumed-positive person or traveled internationally within 14 days of your appointment, please call us to reschedule.
  • Please do not bring friends, family members, or spouses to the appointments
  • Mask or facial cover is required prior to entering our facility.
  • We encourage you to follow CDC safe hygiene practices.

In Our Clinics

  • We follow universal precautions for cleaning, sterilizing, hand-washing and personal protective equipment per Center for Disease Control guidelines.
  • All clinical instruments, and equipment are sanitized between every patient.
  • Reception area and non-treatment rooms are cleansed frequently.
  • We are practicing “social distancing” for greetings, goodbyes and reception area seating – so expect a smile and instead of handshake.

For Our Doctors and Patient Care Staff

  • Our team will not work if they are experiencing symptoms, or if someone in their household is sick.
  • All staff has received additional training and are following additional cleanliness protocols.

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