Can Compression Stockings Reverse Varicose Veins?

April 18, 2018 • Desert Vein Institute • Vein Treatment

Many people assume that wearing compression stockings for a prolonged period of time can not only eliminate symptoms caused by varicose veins, but completely cure them, too. Unfortunately, that isn’t the intended purpose of compression stockings. This misunderstanding about compression stockings often leads to people feeling disappointed or discouraged with their vein treatment because they aren’t seeing the results they thought they would see.

Understanding the role compression stockings play in your treatment for varicose veins can help you avoid feeling disappointed with the results you are seeing from your treatment plan.  

Will Compression Stockings Reverse or Cure Varicose Veins?

No, compression stockings will not reverse or cure varicose veins. They will, however, provide relief from some of the symptoms you experience, such as tired and aching legs, itching skin, and bulging veins. In fact, if you stop wearing compression stockings, your symptoms will come back.

Compression stockings cannot cure varicose or spider veins because they don’t treat the underlying cause. Other forms of treatment, such as laser vein treatment, are needed to actually seal off blood flow to the unhealthy vein so it has time to heal.  

Why Do I Have to Wear Compression Stockings Then if They Don’t Treat Varicose Veins?

Most commonly, compression stockings are used as part of post-procedure treatment. Patients are given compression stockings to wear for several weeks after they have undergone various types of non-invasive or surgical vein treatment.

Another reason why compression stockings may be given to you is that it is required by your insurance. Many insurance companies require that you try alternative treatment options, such as compression stockings, before approving other more complex vein treatment options, such as laser treatment.

The last reason why you may have to wear compression stockings is that you have a mild case of varicose veins. Occasionally, people with mild cases of varicose and spider veins find all they need is symptom relief and they don’t need to undergo a more complex procedure.

If you are looking for relief from your varicose or spider veins, schedule an appointment at Desert Vein Institute. The doctors at our Las Vegas vein treatment center will assess your individual case, run diagnostic testing, and provide you with a personal treatment plan that will help you find relief from painful varicose or spider veins. Treatment options that may be recommended include VenaSeal, ClosureFast, Laser Vein Treatment (EVLT), Sclerotherapy, and Phlebectomy. Call our office today to schedule an appointment.

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